The Debate Over Stem Cell Research

Popular media stories focus on the controversy surrounding embryonic stem cells. Trunk water from amniotic fluid was big news this week.
For some reason, little attention is paid to adult stem cells, which many scientists believe are equally effective. But little is known about them. The best protected medical secrets in America! FDA-approved clinical trials of stem cells are currently underway in human patients at major medical centers across the country. A large heart attack turned me into a dying sick person. All conventional treatments failed and I was rejected at two heart transplant centers.
After intensive research, I was detected and accepted in a clinical trial in Boston. There, their stem cells were collected and injected into the injured heart muscle. I was one of 24 patients in a pioneering Phase I clinical trial. As a result of stem cell therapy, I have fully recovered. In my study, I found that adult stem cell therapy can also be used in thousands of FDA-approved clinical trials for a variety of diseases.

When your doctor says those deadly words, “I’m sorry, that’s all I can do for you,” don’t give up. There are hundreds of FDA-approved clinical trials of stem cell therapy umbilical cord phoenix that can relieve your suffering and save your life. I’m a living proof that stem cells are currently saving lives. After having my fatal heart attack, stem cell therapy turned me from a dying sick person to a living and kind person. FDA-approved stem cell clinical trials have already helped thousands of people.

I say that when a seriously ill patient hears a horrifying word from a doctor, “I’m sorry, that’s all I can do for you,” they may not have to go home to suffer or die. I’m trying to spread the word.
Adult stem cell therapy may be the most exciting medical advancement of our time. You can find more information on

The author was a senior researcher at a major airline and a researcher on rare earth minerals. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering at Pennsylvania State University. With the advent of his own illness, he turned his attention to research on stem cell therapy. His research has led to the treatment of stem cells for a very serious illness.