Medical Intuition – Frequently Asked Questions

In some ways, the two are very similar. Both draw upon intuition to help clarify a specific question or, more generally, where you’re headed. Some Psychics are medical intuitive, and many Medical Intuitives are also psychic.

The main difference is one of focus and intended result. In the case of a psychic reading, information is usually the goal and result. In the case of a medical intuitive session, information is only part of the goal. The real goal is healing. Information about causes or solutions sometimes forms only a small part of the picture. An effective Medical Intuitive will also compassionately assess how each unique client will hear and implement that information. S/he will sense ways to meet the client in his or her own terms and worldview, in order to help the client embrace and utilize the information. S/he will remain aware of the client’s internal resistance, and will keep this in mind when determining how to word the reading and advice.

Someone can be an effective psychic without being particularly compassionate. When dealing with people’s most vulnerable areas and health issues-as Medical Intuitives ellanse 少女針  do-unconditional compassion becomes essential. Because unconditional compassion is so powerful, many people experience profound healing just by interacting with a Medical Intuitive. Even without a formal energy treatment, the medical intuitive process invokes this healing power of unconditional compassion and begins the alchemy of healing.

If part of me is sick or imbalanced does that look really ugly or gross to you?

You would be surprised how many people ask this or a variant of this question! The answer is that Medical Intuitives never “look” at you in that way. When they do medical intuitive work, they sense all of your energy, which includes your Essence or Highest Self (your true identity), with its Divine imprint. In other words, when Medical Intuitives look at you, they see you in the most beautiful, radiant way one can possibly see a person.

Nothing about you looks ugly or gross. Depending on your health issue, Medical Intuitives may see, feel, taste, hear, smell and/or otherwise sense things that don’t belong to you. These energy ripples or mutations have somehow attached themselves to your body or energy field. They might need to be removed or rebalanced, but even they are not what we’d call “ugly.” Ultimately, energy is energy. Our world pulsates from the tiniest electron orbiting the nucleus of an atom, from the imperceptible quark to the light of stars from hundreds of light years away. The universe and you, as part of the universe, have a natural vibration.

Medical Intuitives and Energy Healers consider it their job to help you reconnect your body and energy field to that natural vibration–to help you “find your song,” if you will. When someone learns to play Chopin, for example, s/he will often hit the wrong note while trying to find the right chord. Chopin composed some of the most complicated music for the piano; in order to play Chopin well, someone needs to become a pretty amazing pianist. Having a teacher or guide helps, especially when the teacher knows how the composition can potentially sound. It takes practice, over and over again, but eventually, the melody begins to come together. With even more practice, the melody becomes a song with complex chords and crescendos and rests. It begins to resonate the piano.