Five Tips on Updating Your Kitchen

To go with neutrals or not go with neutrals-that is the question. Well, that’s a question I get asked quite often by friends and clients alike. There are two opinions that I encounter with respect to neutrals-there are those who think neutrals are lackluster and want to avoid them at all costs and then those who think neutrals are too easy to work with and are ready to get their interiors drunk on them! So where brick backsplash kitchen in this extreme spectrum of opinions do I find myself in? I don’t agree with both-neutrals are definitely not boring and secondly-they aren’t as effortless as most of us think they are. There’re ways to it.
In this blog post, I’m going to share with you some simple and easy to follow tricks that will give you the confidence to decorate your space with neutrals-
Tip #1: When in doubt, stick to the monochromatic color scheme

I can’t emphasize this enough. This especially works best when you have a small space but want to make it look spacious. That was exactly my intention when I set out to design this vanity nook of a client’s.
Decorating with diluted colors of one particular color allows the eye to sweep across cramped quarters. I’ve picked the subtle variations of the veneer-clad vanity and used them in the distressed tiles and wooden ornate mirror. I have further reinforced the scheme by layering it with metal accents for a luxurious feel.
Tip #2: Introduce key silhouettes

This approach works well for both traditional and minimalist styles where the spotlight is focused on a few key pieces so that the entire scheme looks pulled together. These majestic armchairs and cherub mount console table we painstakingly designed and crafted (I’ve loads to talk about our bespoke furniture but would need an entire blog for it) bring oodles of visual intrigue and sculptural appeal into the setting.
Remember to have at least 2 key furniture pieces in neutrals to bring interest in your scheme.
Tip #3: Wield the power of all-white

Oh, my sweet God! An all-white space? Is she out of her mind? I’m sure when I proposed this an all-white kitchen to my client they must have had this thought. Of course, they were too sweet to say that but I could sense their inhibition. The thing about an all-white color palette that we color-loving Indians are skeptical about is-you guessed it right-lack of color which means no fun, no life, no warmth and all too clinical.
But that’s not true and this kitchen proves it. The kitchen has this soothing and sophisticated feel. I believe the crispier and lighter a kitchen is-the better. If you’ll notice I have added another neutral strategically to balance things out and to add depth-the black on the kitchen counter and the island countertop.